management @ NOVA - services

NOVA design ability and holistic approach springs from the broad array of interconnected disciplines within the firm. Our ability to integrate all these services as a unified creative force is in synch with what today's needs from design. Approaching challenges from different perspectives - from strategic planning to interior design to project management services - enhances our ability to innovate. Offering these services in-house also contributes to better projects by streamlining the team's communication and quality control.

establish and confirm full project requirements through interviews]
[establish space and flexibility requirements through analysis]
evaluate opportunities and constraints of your base as regards planning]
develop blocking plans with analysis]
[propose initial colour, materials and finishes palettes, and illustrate overall design concepts through perspective images]
coordinate the approved space plan with other vendor requirements]
[develop conceptual design content that you have approved into detailed plans, elevations, and perspectives drawings, complemented by colour boards, material samples, and details of furniture and fittings]
[develop approved design development content and building services design into detailed drawings and documents for construction]
coordinate drawings and specifications provided by vendors or direct suppliers with the agreed upon detailed design and plan]

[work with you to develop an overall project budget based on agreed project requirements]
[advise you on the most cost-effective combination of contract packages for procurement and construction]
[prepare and review with you a preliminary project time schedule indicating critical dates]
[ensure that information is obtained from you and proposals are presented to you in a timely manner]
[review with client the impact of any pre-construction changes to design and planning and propose time-saving methodologies]
[implement construction management procedures to ensure timely progress of the work]
[review the construction programme and progress with you regularly]
[continuously review with you options and alternatives in materials, items, furnishings, etc. to achieve the desired quality in the most cost-effective manner]
[submit for your approval plans, designs and materials at the conclusion of each stage of the project]
[check, through full-time site supervision controlling construction teams, that the quality of installation meets the standard agreed upon with you]